Cyber Fraud and Home Working

Blackpool Police have shared with us lots of useful information and links from the Lancashire Constabulary Cyber Fraud Team and the National Cyber Security Centre. This information has been updated as a result of recent, widely circulating Coronavirus ‘scam’ messages. Please feel free to share.

The NCSC have offered some guidance in response to criminals exploiting coronavirus scares and fears. This also provides links to information around phishing emails and ransomware which have been the most common cyber threats during this unprecedented time: www.ncsc.gov.uk/news/cyber-experts-step-criminals-exploit-coronavirus

In addition the NCSC have now set up a Suspicious Email Reporting System. Reporting emails to the system can raise awareness of such attacks and attempt to block the address the emails come from. Since the 28/04/2020, 395 phishing sites have already been removed as a result of this service. This information can be found at:

Finally, as many individuals are now remotely working from their homes. The NCSC have given guidance this at:

The NCSC have also launched a new programme CyberAware which provides 6 steps to keeping individuals safe online. This can be found at: www.ncsc.gov.uk/cyberaware. It’s a great new campaign – find out more about it on Twitter @LancsFraudCyber.

If you want to keep up to date and are on Twitter please follow these accounts: