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Ofsted report

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

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This is a good school” – OFSTED April 2014

  • Standards have improved across the school¬†and are the best that they have been for¬†several years. In 2013, by the end of Year 6¬†pupils‚Äô overall attainment was above average.
  • All pupils, including those with disabilities and¬†special educational needs and those entitled¬†to support through the pupil premium, make¬†at east good progress in reading, writing and¬†mathematics.
  • Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage¬†are taught well and are cared for well. They¬†make good progress from exceptionally low¬†starting points.
  • The teaching of phonics (the link between¬†letters and the sounds they make) is good.¬†Pupils enjoy reading books by various authors¬†from a wide range of writing styles.
  • Teaching has improved since the previous¬†inspection. Teachers set high standards for¬†pupils, manage their behaviour exceptionally¬†well, and ensure that activities are exciting and¬†interesting.
  • Pupils‚Äô behaviour is good in and around the¬†school. They say that they always feel safe and¬†that they are confident to share any concerns¬†with adults.
  • The principal, senior leaders and governors¬†have come a long way in a short space of time¬†to ensure that the quality of teaching and¬†pupils‚Äô achievement are good.
  • Most parents are positive about their children‚Äôs¬†achievement and their safety. Those who¬†wrote to inspectors were very complimentary¬†about the principal¬†and the care provided for pupils with special educational needs.