SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)

In-house speech and language support


We provide a full range of support via Wellcom.  Please visit the website for further details.


Special Resourced Facility for Disabled Pupils



Marton Primary Academy and Nursery is a fully inclusive school. We welcome all children and are proud of the provision we offer to children with special needs. The SEND team ensure that children make good progress and achieve high standards for their abilities. This aspect of our school is a recognised key strength in moving learning forward.

We offer extensive facilities, including a fully integrated special resource facility for children with physical difficulties. We employ a full time Inclusion Leader to co-ordinate provision and a number of Special Needs Support Assistants to ensure that children are very well supported both individually and in groups according to their needs. We have excellent links with outreach agencies such as physiotherapists to support our children’s learning and development.

All children, including those with special needs, follow the National Curriculum. Work and support however, are differentiated where appropriate, to meet individual needs.

We genuinely welcome parents as partners in learning and actively encourage them to be involved with setting and reviewing their child’s Individual Education Plan targets.

Following the revised Code of Practice for Special Needs, there is now a staged approach to support and provision for children with special needs.

School Action: Children are supported using the additional resources delegated to the school.

School Action Plus: Children continue to receive support from the school but outside agencies provide additional support

Statemented: Following a formal assessment by the Education Authority, children are issued with a Statement for Special Education Need. Additional provision and specialist support is then provided.

Our Special Educational Needs Policy will be available to download soon. In the meantime, please call in to school if you require a paper copy.

Facilities for Disabled Pupils


Marton Primary Academy and Nursery is a designated special resource facility (SERF) for children with physical disabilities. The school site is on one level and is suitable for wheelchair access. Special toilet and changing facilities are provided and a physiotherapy room is on site.

Other resources are targeted at specific needs when required such as walking frames, special sized chairs, footrests etc.

Disabled pupils are actively encouraged and supported to take part in all aspects of the school curriculum, including extra-curricular activities and visits off site.

Disability Equality Policy

Our Disability Equality Policy can be be found on our school policies page (please look for the ‘Special Educational Needs’ section). Please call in to school if you require a paper copy.

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