Online Safety Statement 1 March 2019
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1st March 2019

Online Safety Statement March 2019

Momo Challenge

We have become increasingly aware of highly inappropriate videos circulating online. These video clips are appearing on many social media sites and YouTube (including those specifically for children). Parents need to be aware of ‘Momo Challenge’ which is in the media at the moment so that we can all work together to keep our children safe on devices. Please take time to look at advice on the following websites so that you are aware of what it is and how you can keep your child safe online:




Please be vigilant and ensure that you are regularly checking your children’s phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Did you know that most devices have parental controls which will allow you to restrict or monitor what your child is doing online? Find out more at: www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/parental-controls/

Pleased be assured that we are extremely vigilant at school regarding what the children are allowed to access online, children are always supervised when using the internet and online safety is an integral part of our curriculum.

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