Marton PALS
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23rd April 2019

PALS stands for Playground Activity Leaders. We are proud to announce the success of our recent training programme and there will be an assembly this Wednesday at 9.05 a.m. to celebrate and to introduce the new Marton Buddies Play Leaders to all the children. Chris Debar will be giving a short presentation to celebrate the success of the sessions and to help launch our new initiative in school and we will be making presentations to the Marton Buddies.

Mrs Blencowe the P.S.H.E. Co-ordinator at Marton has been working closely with Chris Debar from Blackpool FC Community Trust to plan and organise the PALS training for pupils and staff.

We are delighted to share this short video message from some of our PALS leaders and a photo gallery of some of the children in training:


To find out more about the PALS scheme please visit these websites: