COVID-19 Message from Blackpool Council
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17th August 2020

Here is an important message from Blackpool Council regarding Coronavirus safety in school:

“We have now launched our ‘back to school safely’ campaign which will feature across social channels, local press, radio, outdoor sites, direct mail, via schools and many other channels. Over the next week or so, we shall provide the assets for this campaign for you to use and share, in the meantime please feel free to share any of our posts from our social media channels etc. To learn more in the meantime, visit the dedicated website page which will be continually updated throughout the campaign”


“Young people seem to be a key area of concern at the moment, to engage with and to get those messages across around social distancing, mandatory face coverings and hand washing. If you represent or are well connected to this age group we would encourage you to have those conversations as much as possible. We would also be keen to talk to anyone who represents this audience who may like to get involved in shaping some of these messages so they are more effective. If you think you can help with this please email Samantha.hewlett@blackpool.gov.uk”

Please see this link for further information.