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IDL Maths Supports maths learning for children of all abilities including those who need an extra boost in Maths, those who would like extra practise in certain
areas of Maths and those who are working above age related
expectations as an extra challenge.
Maths — No Problem! Lots of free maths resources, how to’s, and parent videos to help you support your child’s maths learning at home during Covid-19. https://mathsnoproblem.com/en/programs/school-at-home/
MyMaths Interactive resource that is easy to use alongside any other maths resources to consolidate learning. https://www.mymaths.co.uk/
CoolMathGames Lots of puzzles and games to boost numeracy. https://www.coolmathgames.com/
TTRockstars Carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. Also adds a fun, competitive element for children. https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student
Maths with Carol Vorderman Learn maths with Carol – supporting childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period. https://www.themathsfactor.com/
White Rose Maths Free maths lessons for all year groups https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/