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  • Year 4 #ScienceWeek2018 Experiments and Photos

    21st March 2018
    We researched the diet of people from different time periods. We then hid some of these foods in the imitation "poo". We swapped our poo with the other class and excavated it looking for clues as to which time period it was...More
  • Z-Arts Creativty Day Photos @BrightFuturesET @Z_arts_mcr

    20th March 2018
    Here are a selection of photos from the day's activities at Z-Arts, Manchester last Thursday. Marton children were working in small teams with other children from our Trust schools. They were involved in a range of...More
  • Beauty In The Universe Presentation #ScienceWeek2018

    20th March 2018
    Yesterday, Year 3 and Year 5 had a special assembly presented by a company called "Beauty In The Universe". Their mission, "To amaze, empower and educate children, young people, families and adults with the astounding...More
  • Supporting parents and families to enjoy science as part of everyday life #ScienceWeek2018

    18th March 2018
    As part of the continuing Science Week activities, we wanted to share this link with you: There's...More
  • Year 1 #ScienceWeek2018 Activities

    14th March 2018
    For Science week, Year 1 haveĀ been doing lots of practical activities about animal habitats. We have made pretend snow, a sea horse habitat and a bug...More
  • OFSTED Pupil Questionnaire

    6th February 2018
    Ofsted is inspecting your school, and would like to hear your views. You can do this by completing an online pupil questionnaire at the following link:   The...More
  • Murphy @ Forest School

    5th February 2018
    Last Thursday, it was Murphy's first day at Forest School. He thoroughly enjoyed it! This time, we were learning about anchor knots and putting up shelters. Please view the gallery for more...More